The Planetarium and Observatory

Take a Leap into Space
  • The Planetarium

The Planetarium

A Visit to Space

Technoda’s planetarium invites you on a journey far beyond our own planet to discover the deep secrets of the universe.  

The technological world we live in is often too bright to enjoy the magnificent star-filled night skies above. 

The planetarium offers a realistic experience using an accurate optic system in a huge dome-shaped theater, simulating the darkness of space illuminated only by planets and starlight. 

Guided by our astronomy teachers, you’ll have the chance to observe and learn about the different shapes and patterns formed by the stars across the sky, just as our ancestors did. 

This activity is recommended for ages 8 and up.

  • The Observatory

The Observatory

A Visit to the Stars

Get the full scientific experience at our observatory by exploring the real thing. 

Technoda’s optical telescope, made from a combination of mirrors and lenses, is 40 cm in diameter and has a powerful magnification ability of up to 800 times the original size! 

The telescope can reach approximately 40,000 different astronomical objects and has an automatic tracking system, offering an unforgettable opportunity to observe the moon, the sun and other stars and objects across space.  

In addition, the thrilling images captured by the telescope can be projected onto the auditorium's dome screen to share this fascinating experience with up to 120 guests.

At Technoda, not even the sky is the limit!



  • The Astronomy Club

The Astronomy Club

An All-Star Club

Become a member of Israel’s biggest astronomy club.

Members enjoy captivating lectures by leading experts in astronomy and space sciences, specially adapted for each audience - professionals, amateurs or the whole family.

Each of the club’s meetings starts with a short lecture and is followed by an experiential activity that the whole family can enjoy and an astronomical observation through the observatory’s telescope. 

This activity is recommended for ages 8 and up.

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