Birthdays in Technoda
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Birthdays in Technoda


Technoda can host your children’s end-of-year events, holiday parties and birthdays in the mornings, afternoons and on Fridays.

After enjoying a short science-oriented play, the children will have time to learn and explore at the different science stations in our space. Next, we will visit the lab for younger age groups, where the children will don lab coats and protective googles and conduct spectacular science experiments.

At the end of the event, the children will receive a prize they can take home as a souvenir.

Technoda’s auditorium serves as the perfect space for recess and snack breaks. We also offer a package that includes pizza, snacks, drinks and a coffee corner.


1st-6th Graders

A magical birthday:


Our magician is a bit different than other magicians - he is happy to reveal the secrets behind his tricks.

At this birthday party, children will be exposed to a wide range of fascinating demonstrations and magic tricks based on the principles of physics and chemistry.

We will have fun experimenting with special materials such as dry ice, liquid nitrogen and more. For dessert, we will prepare a tasty chocolate- and vanilla-flavored mixture that instantly turns into ice cream.


A birthday party that is out of this world:


If you dream of becoming an astronaut and touching the stars, Technoda has the perfect birthday party for you.

A range of space- and astronomy-related activities will let you become stars for a day and give your friends an unforgettable experience.

Among the activities offered: launching rockets, a trip around the solar system, space shuttles and more.

All activities have the option of incorporating a visit to the planetarium and observatory.

So, are you ready? Three... two... one... blast off!


A very slimy birthday:


Invite all your friends to enjoy an awesome slime birthday party.

Together we will create special slimes you can’t get anywhere else, in a crazy and colorful slime lab that everyone (even the grownups) will love.