קפיצה לתוך גוף האדם

The Israeli Medicine and Science Museum

The first and only one of its kind in Israel!

The first Medicine and Science Museum in Israel, established at Technoda in Hadera, invites you on an exciting multisensory and experiential journey. 

The museum houses six exhibitions with 120 interactive exhibits dedicated to the amazing world of medicine and the human body. The museum also features operating rooms with human patient simulators for fascinating demonstrations of medical procedures such as heart valve replacement surgery, bronchoscopy, cerebral angiography, artificial ventilation and more. 

Enter a giant 3D heart and enjoy a spectacular sound and light show; play with a ball using only the power of thought; solve a crime scene mystery with genetic evidence; and check out our three-story-high DNA double helix model. These are just a few of the wonderful surprises awaiting you at the museum!

The museum offers two separate tours:

The Heart Tour and the Brain Tour.

Each tour includes three exhibitions.

The tours are given in small groups led by a personal guide.

The Heart Tour

The Heart Exhibition  

Walk into a giant heart and discover just how hard it works. 


By operating the various displays, you will learn how the heart beats and how to count your own heartbeats. You will become cardiologists in the interactive operating room; save the “life” of a human simulator having a heart attack in the catheterization lab; and learn to use an ultrasound machine.

The "Did You Know?" Exhibition

Explore the wonders of the human body and learn about the innovative technologies used in medicine. 


Stand in front of a giant model eye and discover how we actually see the world; learn how facial expressions are created; and use a microscope to see what human skin looks like when enlarged far beyond the natural ability of our eyes.

The Lungs Exhibition

Measure the level of oxygen in your blood, discover how the diaphragm works, and learn about the unique breathing techniques used by firefighters, rock climbers and even fetuses.     

Next, visit the operating room to learn how to use a stethoscope and then use artificial respiration to “save” a suffocating human patient simulator!


The Brain Tour

The Brain Exhibition

In this incredible exhibition, you will operate a model of a large brain and discover how different parts of the brain react to various stimuli. What are illusions? How can we improve our brain's function? How much information can the brain contain? When is it more active – during the day or during the night? How does it feel to drive under the influence of alcohol? Is it possible to control a ball using only the power of thought? Why does the brain need sleep? Finally, you will become doctors for a day, serve as part of a medical team treating a stroke patient, and more.

The Genetics Exhibition

Observe a giant model of a DNA double helix and discover the secret code that contains the foundations of life itself. What makes us unique? What dictates our height and the color of our eyes? What is a mutation? What is the meaning of color blindness? How are viruses genetically engineered for the purposes of modern medicine?

The Bacteria & Virus Exhibition

What are epidemics? How do vaccines work? In this exhibition, you will be introduced to a wide range of microorganisms and observe them up close, learning which disease is caused by each and how modern medicine fights them. Enjoy a display of the microscopic life that exists within and around us and choose the right treatment in fascinating medical cases.  


,Dear visitor

Next to many of the museum’s displays are screens with videos that demonstrate how to operate it and give a simple scientific explanation of how it works. 

In addition, Technoda’s tour guides have been trained to serve those

with special needs

To schedule an accessible visit and modify the content of the museum, please send an email to Ms. Anat Asportes:

A big thanks to our partners in this project

Information & Tickets

  • The museum offers guided tours only and reservations are required in advance.
  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the tour.  Each tour lasts an hour and a half. 
  • The museum is recommended for ages 8 and up. Free admission for children under 3. 

Opening Hours 


The museum is open to the general public on Fridays and holidays only. 

On Saturdays the museum is closed.

All tickets must be reserved online in advance.

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