About Technoda
Our Story

Our Story

Who We Are

Technoda Hadera is a unique center for science and technology education, located in the .Givat Olga neighborhood of Hadera

Each year, Technoda offers a wide range of activities to thousands of children, teenagers and adults and serves as a space to explore the worlds of science and technology through hands-on experimentation. At Technoda, future scientists are exposed to a plethora of fascinating subjects and learn lab skills by conducting experiments themselves. Technoda’s staff are well-educated (most hold PhDs or master’s degrees) and full of motivation to teach and support the next generation.

First established as part of a neighborhood rehabilitation project, Technoda aimed to provide enrichment for neighborhood children and expose them to the wonders of science and technology. 

Today, as Technoda enters its third decade, we can proudly say that it is unique in Israel in its range of activities; in its scope (around 250,000 visits per year); and in its location in the heart of Givat Olga, an underserved neighborhood that has gained a wave of new immigrants in recent years and whose residents mostly come from low socioeconomic backgrounds.

This educational center serves as an important space for interactions between children from different backgrounds: new immigrants and longtime residents; city children and

children from the kibbutz; religious and secular children; and Jewish and Arab children.

For more information: https://www.technoda.org.il/visit/medicine-museum


Technoda’s morning activities take place during school hours.

In the afternoons, we run social programs for neighborhood children where they can enjoy a hot meal, receive help with their homework, and benefit from science-based enrichment activities.

In the late afternoons and evenings, we run special programs for gifted students in various tracks such as medicine, physics, chemistry, astronomy, electronics, robotics, computers and more.

Moreover, Technoda administers the Ministry of Education’s regional gifted program.


Technoda’s Vision

Technoda’s vision is to be a space where visitors can enter into dialogue with science and technology; and to serve as a cultural and social bridge between demographics of different ages and backgrounds.

Behind this vision stands the mission of promoting access to science and supporting future generations by exposing them to the beauty and challenges of science and technology.